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Mob Rules Mobcast

Jul 22, 2016

"A mini-sode? What tha heck is a mini-sode and why should I download this crap?"  Well, hypothetical person, a minisode is a less winded version of what we usually do and you should download it because it comes with a free exclusive miniature of Marnius Calgar.  Okay, that is a lie, it does not come with a mini at all.  However, it IS free!  Now isn't that better?  In this first and irregular installment we go about the Tale of Gamers and what we were thinking about when we made up our stories and teams.  This is an event that caught us by surprise, drafting the stories and the meaning was a lot more rewarding than initially thought, giving new life and love to our little dude-bros.  So sit back, crack open a microwave nacho tray from the local gas station and open your ears to the seductive rants of Mob Rules!