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Mob Rules Mobcast

May 1, 2021

Jon is joined by fellow Rogue Trader Networker Seth Oster to talk to Frontlines Kicker Kalozdi about the slew of major events Frontline has coming over the next 12 months. Danny and Jon share their lists for an upcoming RTT and share their game plans and the boys wax lyrically about cheating in 40k.

Apr 17, 2021

Danny and Jon are back in person as we bring Taylor back to discuss the first book of the Dawn of Fire series, "Avenging Son" with all the usual things you love from Mob Rules... distracting side stories! talking about other books! Why Dreadnoughts are useless in "Shield of Baal"!

Apr 3, 2021

Danny and Jon are back! The guys respond to some YouTube feedback, talk tactics and how to win the Retrieval Mission from the GT pack and Danny shares his Drukhari list

Mar 27, 2021

Danny and Jon are back a week early to listen to Taylor give us the lore lowdown on the new WarZone Charadon campaign supplement.  Want to know how Taylor feels about Skin? You have no choice after this must see episode!

Mar 20, 2021

Val joins Danny and Jon to talk about the growth of Warhammer Community and Games Workshops reengagement with the community. Danny and Jon talk about how to build an army list and Innes tells you to kill your darlings to get good