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Grim After Dark | The Best in Warhammer 40K Late Night

Aug 24, 2019

For this SPECIAL episode of Mob Rules we are joined by Dave from Miniwargaming to talk about his crazy, incredible life, the Miniwargaming site and the beauty of having your own nurglings.

Jul 27, 2019

The guys reflect on their experience stealing campsites, drunken cooking and The Midnight Sun GT

Jul 13, 2019

We talk about why YOU should audition for Cold Open Stories, get hyped for our next two tournaments and the return of the LOVED and LOATHED Price is Right!

Jun 29, 2019

Danny tells us tips and tricks for getting good at Warhammer! 

The boys talk about Apocolypse!


May 18, 2019

Danny, Dave and Jon get together to talk over the reveals from Warhammerfest and their progress in their Urban Conquest campaign

Comp 40k's Rob Porter joins us to talk about the spinning baskets and the upcoming Midnight Sun GT in Alaska

Ynarri are new and totally changed, can the guys come up with a good Ynarri list?