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Grim After Dark | The Best in Warhammer 40K Late Night

Nov 19, 2016

At the age of 19, Marty Stouffer traveled to Alaska with an 8mm camera, he and his home movie of his travels were warmly received by over 1,800 of his fellow Arkansas residents.  Revenue from the movie easily paid for his trip many times over.  Mob Rules also has a similar story, an alaskan podcast that easily costs...

Nov 4, 2016

Like an iron deuce, Mob Rules drops on your plate with all the Legion of the Damned book review goodness, the results are in from last week’s eBay price is right, we review the shiz out of Prospero, and talk dirty to you like you deserve.  

BTW, Phil is doing a thing to help children that are not buttholes, help him...