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Grim After Dark | The Best in Warhammer 40K Late Night

Feb 23, 2019

Dave returns from his Vegas excursion to share stories of Giant Beers, Blue Chicken and appropriate behavior in preview panels. 


Feb 10, 2019

Danny and Dave are getting ready to tear up the Vegas Strip in this episode of Mob Rules. We're also diving head first into Forge Worlds new Custodes and the Genestealer Cult Codex, just FYI

Feb 9, 2019

Danny, Dave and Jon finish their look into the Inquisition with Hereticus

How does this rank in the series? Find out the guys thoughts.  



Feb 2, 2019

We get its hard to watch a 2 hour video and paint models, so for you our loyal fans we ripped the audio straight from the video just for you guy  

So without further ado, I present High school Musical 5, the cult uprising.  Or something like that