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Mob Rules Mobcast

Jun 1, 2018

Danny, Dave and Jon are back to talk about how to use technology to help improve your hobby. Did you know that Space Clowns are pretty much Librarians in space? Find out how as Jon works on his one man comedy show when we dive into Harlequin Lore.


00:00:22 - Intro/What we've been up to

00:31:20 - Tech in gaming

01:21:40 - Tech in gaming part 2

01:41:20 - Harlequins

02:23:28 - Shout Outs and Wrap Up


Intro Music - "What You Want (version 2)" Kevin Macleod

Outro Music - "Crunk Knight" Kevin Macleod

"Harlequin Theme" - "Super Circus" Kevin Macleod

Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License