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Mob Rules Mobcast

Sep 21, 2021

Danny attended his first GT in real America and lived to tell the tale.  Car Subway, Admech on Admech Violence and how to not get revenge are all in this episode of Mob Rules

Aug 27, 2021

Danny and Jon are back after a long hiatus to talk for about 90 minutes with no real direction.  Our recent RTT experiences, Charity Hammer and our adventures selling out to big frontline are all discussed!

Jun 27, 2021

Danny and Jon are back, dragging Taylor along to talk about Jon and Danny's selling out, the amazingness of Dominion and Jon's sudden change in gaming fortune 

May 29, 2021

Danny and Jon are back to wax lyrically over 2020's GT packet, and talk about the excessive salt around the internet for 40k

May 17, 2021

Danny and Jon are back! Did the guys deliver on their promises from the RTT they both attended? A full rundown of the event is here, down to point zero three precision.

If thats not enough, Taylor returns for TayLore, where we talk about Ephrael Stern - Heretic Saint. Just have more faith, it'll be fine.