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Mob Rules Mobcast

Jun 16, 2018

Danny, Dave and Jon are back again to talk to you about the number one piece of farm equipment for your 40k army, the IMPERIAL KNIGHTS.  We delve into the lore of the houses, and the new Knight Chassis before Danny lets us know which Knights are hot and which are not on the table top.  We round out the episode with an impassioned plea towards those who reacted poorly to "Warhammer Adventures" and Danny answers a listeners who wants to know how to get good with Chaos.


00:00:22 - Intro

00:31:48 - Knights in the lore

01:27:13 - Knights on the Table

02:01:00 - Ask Danny

02:14:00 - Plugs


Intro Music - "What You Want (V2)" Kevin Macleod

Outro Music -"Crunk Knight" Kevin Macleod

Space Clowns - "Super Circus" Kevin Macleod

Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License