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Grim After Dark | The Best in Warhammer 40K Late Night

Dec 29, 2017

Have you ever been in the middle of the Christmas Carol and realized that this is really just the story of burgeoning primarch making their way in the world without their father's guidance during the Christmas season?  Me neither, that would be weird.  But just in case you have we have a treat for you!  Three Christmas movies transformed into 40K lore, plus our favorite this and thats, what we have been up to and all the other reasons we bother to record our dulcet tones.  So get up, our yourself a nice tall tasty glass of honey bee extract in grass smoothie, put on your favorite dress that you bought that you only wear when nobody else is around to remind you of that time as a kid when your friends made you break into a dodgy strip club and you fell in love with the stripper on stage who wore one marginally like it but you want to recapture that sensation (What? No, YOU'RE weird!), sit back and delve into the occasionally historically accurate sounds of Mob Rules!