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Mob Rules Mobcast

Jul 29, 2017


the 1 Hour a Night facebook group was mentioned as hosting the Dark Imperium competition was it as the Warhammer 40000 page instead.Our Apologies to Alexander Good who ran the event.

Goge Vandire.  What do you know about Goge Vandire and his brother Doge?  Yeah, that is what I thought, not much.  Lets get into it: he was a jerk, probably had a lil borderline personality issues, loved young girls, older girls too, and cheated on his taxes.  Kind of a jerk really.  BUT, he was an important jerk who was instrumental in creating the empire we all know and love... unless you don't love it, then it is the empire you know and do not love.  Ya see?  So, lets get into some Warhammer 40,000 lore with the Age of Apostasy!