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Grim After Dark

Oct 21, 2016

Life is hard, sometimes it just feels like the deck is stacked against you and nobody is letting you live to your full potential.  Sometimes it feels like your brothers just do not understand you and your dad doesn't get it.  If only they could see what you see and know how much they need you and your psychic powers.  If only they knew just how dope the warp really is!  But nooooooow you're always getting picked on by your stupid jock-tard brother with the dumb friends.  Even worse is that nobody seemed to care when he and his friends torched your comic book collection and burnt down your bedroom after poking out your last good eye.  What a jerk, am I right?  You feel it too, right? Well, screw that guy!  And since we are already getting to know one another and sharing stories, listen in as I tell you the rest of my tale on Mob Rules as we discuss the Thousand Sons and the Burning of Prospero!