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Grim After Dark | The Best in Warhammer 40K Late Night

Aug 12, 2016

One upon a time in a land far far away there was a mining town called, Shanendan, Shenandoah, Shepards Ferry, I don’t remember, it started with an Sh.  Anyway, it was a mining town, no wait it was a planet, yes, that was it, it was a planet.  The aristocracy was bored, bored of being bored, were feeling a bit randy, had already seen all there was to see on the internet, had all the parties were you put your car keys in a bowl and do the weird things and they felt that darling in mono-boobed crab claw strange would be a fun.  But then wouldn’t you know it, some tattle tail went and told the authorities and in the 41st millennium the authorities are sometimes super soldiers with two hearts, spit acid and fire rifles with mini missiles in them. And sometimes when the party gets so big and out of control those authorities call in the Collegia Titanica.  It was that kind of party.

Amazing book, we hope you read it, but if that whole reading thing is not your thing we have the thing covered.  It is book review time on Mob Rules!!!!  This ep we cover the Wrath of Iron, a tale of all that stuff I previously mentioned plus a lot of dead guardsmen and some not-fully-dead Iron Hands.  Ohhhhhh it is  good one.  So get yourself a nice tasty mug of apple cider, pull up your favorite bean bag chair that permanently smells like farts and tune in to the whiling of Jon, Ted and Phil.