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Mob Rules Mobcast

Aug 10, 2019

The boys ditch their relationship with 4Loko and blow up some speakers. We discuss what we are excited about for the upcoming Space Marine Codex as well as the Imperium Nihilus focused "Spear of the Emperor"

Jun 15, 2019

Dave is back as the guys discuss Hobby Heroes from Games Workshops past

The plastic general returns, can we make a good Necron list with the mandatory choice of Flayed Ones? 

Jun 1, 2019

Dave takes our discussion of the Guy Haley novel Dark Imperium Plague War a bit too seriously and is out with the flu for this episode

Danny and Jon delve deep into the post Cadia 40kverse with this look at Plague War and the development of the 40k setting as a whole. 

Danny took Necrons to a tournament, how'd they...

May 4, 2019

In this Episode, Dave, Danny and Jon touch on the high points of the recent FAQ.  We also answer a burning listener question and choose a winner for our Chaddon giveaway competition

Apr 20, 2019

The guys are back and patiently waiting for the FAQ. Danny wrote some articles for Warhammer Community so we read him the comments.  Mob Rules are starting a campaign! How are we finding the Urban Conquest rules? And to celebrate 1600 YouTube subscribers we are giving away a Chaddadon! How? Find out in Episode 105!